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Our apartment and live in Cancun

Living in Cancun

Our apartment and live in Cancun

At the beginning I should first mention that the standard of living cannot be compared at all with the German standard. What I personally miss the most, as subtle as it may sound, is the cellar, which is loved and hallowed by almost every German. Basements just don’t exist in Mexico and we don’t even have a proper storage room.

The buildings not only differ in their appearance, the construction method cannot be compared at all with the Germans. I don’t want to say that the regular houses and apartments are terrible, I prefer to call them “get used to”. Anyone who has been here will understand what I mean by that. However, there are also some good areas where you can find really nice properties.

My boyfriend and I live quite “luxuriously” by local standards. In my eyes, very European and normal as I know it from Düsseldorf.

We live in the so-called ” Malecon Towers “. The residential complex is still relatively new, so it is modern with lots of glass and white. Each tower has a communal pool and gym. In addition, like the hotels, we have a reception with security staff. That might sound a bit strange at first, but it’s completely normal here. Almost every condominium has this. Visitors have to hand in their legitimation when entering and sign a kind of guest book with the time and signature. When leaving the building, the visit is canceled again and the visitor receives his legitimation back. What is practical for me is that all my packages are accepted there and there is no need to wait for the online order.

We live in a spacious 3 room apartment with two bathrooms and a large balcony. The balcony with its view is my personal favorite place in the apartment.

We look directly at the “Laguna Nichupté” and the “Malecón Tajamar”. On the other side we have a sea view and can see as far as “Isla Mujeres”. At night we see the skyline of the “Zona Hotelaria”.

What can I say, I love this view and that’s exactly why I really wanted to live in these towers.

The infrastructure here is also perfect for me, since I don’t have my own car here in Mexico.

We live right above the Plaza las Americas shopping center. We have everything there, gym, cinema, several shops and a supermarket. The highlight for me, of course, is that I can drive my shopping trolley right up to my apartment. Bye bye carry bags!

Oh, and I now live directly above Zara, I probably don’t need to explain how much I’m happy about that. Daily browsing goes without saying.

We need about 15 minutes by car or bus to get to the beach. This is especially practical on the weekends, as we always have “beach day” on Saturday and “pool time” on Sunday.

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