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What requirements does my phone have to meet?

Your mobile phone/tablet must only be able to install and open the “Adobe Lightroom CC” app from the AppStore or Google PlayStore. To open the ZIP file after purchase, you only need the app for your iPhone: “UnZip” (however, this is no longer absolutely necessary, since you can find your downloaded content under ‘Files’ and then under ‘Downloads’). On Android devices, the folder simply has to be opened with the pre-installed file manager.

Do the presets make my pictures perfect straight away, like in your example pictures?

The presets lay an almost perfect basis, after which you can only make minimal changes to your liking and taste. For example, if your picture is too dark, you can adjust the exposure in the app itself.

How do I install the presets?

Detailed instructions on how to install the presets can be found here:

Which apps do I need?

To use the presets on an iPhone, you need the free apps “Adobe Lightroom CC” and “UnZip”. On an Android cell phone (Samsung, HTC, Google Pixel etc.) you only need the “Adobe Lightroom CC” app.

Can I install the presets on the phone?

Yes you can!

Can I use the presets on the computer/ipad?

Yes, this is generally possible and you will receive the desktop version with every purchase. So far, the only requirement for this is a monthly subscription to the Adobe Lightroom CC desktop version.

What payment options are there?


Which photos can I edit with presets?

You can use the presets to edit any photo that is on your phone and has been imported into Lightroom. Of course, you always get the best results with photos that have good quality and lighting conditions.

You can reach me here!

You can always contact me via email miamiwi@hotmail.com or at best via my Instagram page @miami_wi!

I don’t see the photos! What should I do?

Keep Calm! The preset photos are in a so-called RAW (DNG) format. So this is not a normal photo as JPG or PNG as you normally know it. Lightroom, on the other hand, knows exactly what to do. So just open the app and import the (mostly) gray looking photo from your photo folder. Tadaaa – and the preset photo is there in Lightroom.