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Whoo, that’s me, Miamiwi!

Whoo, that’s me, Miamiwi!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

First of all, thank you very much for your incredible support via Instagram and Facebook , every lovely message, every great comment and of course every one of your numerous likes. Without all this I would never have dared to start this blog at all.

So many of you keep asking me how I ended up in Mexico and what life is like here, who I am and what I do.

My name is Jenny, I’m 34 years old and originally from beautiful DΓΌsseldorf. After graduating from high school, I did an apprenticeship as a bank clerk at a well-known bank in DΓΌsseldorf.
There I studied part-time after my apprenticeship and did my banking specialist at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

Unfortunately, I have to admit at this point that the job in the bank was not my thing at all and I will never work in a bank again in my life.
This job and I were like fire and ice. For me it was much too dry and monotonous to work through my tasks every day in a pre-punched pattern and then drop my pen at 5 o’clock sharp. I lost my creativity and was simply bored for 7.48 hours a day, 7 years of my life.

A very long time, and only through my mentor, best friend and most trusted partner in my life did I find the courage to change something and break out of this hamster wheel. I read many books on the subject of personal development and self-employment and I was fascinated by the thought of being “free”, my own boss, my own decisions, yes, that’s exactly what I wanted, at any price!

I didn’t care that this entailed risks and side effects and I thought to myself and still am of this opinion that if you fall over you can get up again. And sometimes that’s not easy. Being self-employed takes risks. The biggest risk is that you never know how much money will come in each month or if anything will come in at all.

Everyone must be aware of this risk and there are no gifts there either. Every success is based on hard work and a little bit of luck.

Well, after these 7 years I started to become self-employed with real estate. A little later, I started working in parallel in the field of social media marketing for a number of well-known German companies and thus found a way to make my workplace β€œindependent of location”.

I’ve been living abroad for almost 2 years now, in the Mexican Caribbean, in Cancun.

How it came about and many other topics you will find on my blog.

I wish you a lot of fun reading!

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