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Why did I emigrate to Mexico?

emigrate to the Caribbean

Why did I emigrate to Mexico?

In January 2016, I flew to Mexico for the first time for 10 days on the recommendation of good friends.

So far I only knew the USA, especially New York and Miami and the latter, as my Instagram name “ Miami_Wi ” can already suggest, completely inspired me.

Well, as a USA fan, I was looking for a holiday destination that at least has an American touch, is wonderfully warm in January and has long white sandy beaches with turquoise water.

Oh, and I should also mention that I flew alone because as spontaneously as I wanted to leave, unfortunately no one had found me and I thought that I would soon find a connection anyway. Fortunately, I am a very open-minded person and have never had problems getting to know new people.

No sooner said than done and about three weeks later it worked

to the Caribbean. Luckily I really found a connection right away when I was picked up from the airport in Canun by the tour operator. While still on the bus I met 5 funny guys who stayed with me in the same hotel and with whom I also spent a few tours and happy tequila evenings.

A few days later I met my boyfriend. Since my knowledge of Spanish at the time was limited to “un, dos, tres, guacamole and tequila”, we had to converse in English. That wasn’t a problem as we were both quite good at English. It quickly became clear that we were on the same wavelength and had fallen in love.

That was the reason I flew to Cancun for 5 weeks in March. I first had to get a feel for it, what is this country like when you’re not on vacation in a fancy hotel? Will I be able to live in this country permanently? how are people infrastructure, etc

After the 5 weeks I decided, okay, I’ll put everything on one card, quit my apartment, clear my household and then I’ll be gone.

A very, very big factor was and is of course love. To be fair and honest, I should say at this point that I have always been drawn away from Germany and that I did not find this life in the “German order system” to be suitable for me and simply did not feel really comfortable.

I don’t want to say that Germany is bad and

Mexico isn’t good at all, but it just didn’t make me happy and I’ve adored the sun, sand and sea since I was little.

In Germany I used the time to make short work of my household effects. Everything about the furniture was sold and the rest was stored at my grandma’s. Strictly speaking, all my winter clothes are with my grandma. The rest was divided into 4 suitcases and off we went to a new life.

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