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My experiences with Bioderma products

Experiences with Bioderma

My experiences with Bioderma products

A month ago I was in Germany and got some products from the company Bioderma to test. Of course I don’t want to deprive you of my experiences with Bioderma products over the last 3 weeks.

First of all, I have to say that the team is really very nice and competent and gave me great advice. At this point, once again, a big thank you!

Unfortunately, I have terrible skin that reacts to 95% of all cosmetics with perioal dermatitis. That’s why I only use products for daily facial care that do not contain silicone, parabens, fragrances or alcohol. I received a care series from the “Sensibio” series, the “Hydrabio Eau de Soin” , a moisturizing spray with UV protection and the “Photoderm MAX Spray” . All products in the “Sensibio DS+” series are suitable for my problem skin.

The Sensibio DS+ Cleansing Gel is a mild cleansing gel for face and body. It is suitable for oily and sensitive skin. It relieves itching, flaking and redness. As for the application, I can say that I tolerated this cleansing gel very well and the skin is freed from dirt and oil and the skin feels fresh and relaxed after use.

The “Sensibio H2O” is a mild 4-in-1 cleaning solution. It is also suitable for sensitive and allergic skin. In my opinion, it is a great all-rounder, as the solution not only cleanses and soothes the skin, but also removes make-up and even eye make-up. I use it once in the evening when I remove my makeup. The solution smells neutral. I think it’s great that it has a clarifying effect, but can also be used on the eyes at the same time. With all the cleaning solutions that I had used before, I always had to keep my eyes wide open, otherwise my eyes would have burned really badly. Since I am a lazy person and like to reduce my daily facial care to a minimum, this solution is very convenient for me.

The “Sensibio DS+ Cream” is also suitable for sensitive and oily skin. I am delighted with this cream. However, I only use it in the morning before I put on make-up. It is the perfect complement to my daily skin care routine because, as I mentioned at the beginning, I unfortunately have very, very complicated skin. Too much care causes my skin rashes and these terrible underground pimples that stay for 3 weeks and too little care makes my skin crumble into scales, especially under the make-up.

My skin needs care in the evening that minimizes sebum production and has a rather “drying” effect and in the morning a soothing moisturizer. My skin is finally smooth again and the annoying skin cells have disappeared. I’m really happy because I was at my wits end and had these scales all over my face. Despite regular peelings and the use of a cleaning brush, the dandruff could not be gotten under control.

The next product I would like to introduce to you is the “Photoderm Max 50+” spray. As a blonde with light skin and blue eyes, I live in “Neverending Summer in Cancun” , so the topic of sun protection is extremely important to me.

The spray smells like vacation and I have it with the sun protection factor 50, which is definitely appropriate here. I love this spray because it’s transparent on the skin and I just spray it on and not rub it in. The annoying “Honey, can you put lotion on my back” is finally gone.

I’ve also had the experience so far that any sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30 or more turns me into an albino, and I found that really annoying. The spray is 100% transparent on the skin and there is no annoying white protective film. Also, this spray doesn’t cause me pimples on my back, arms or dΓ©colletΓ© because it doesn’t greasy the skin like so many products unfortunately do. I also think it’s worth mentioning that the spray can be used on both the skin and the hair.

I saved my personal product highlight until the end. It is the “Hydrabio Eau de Soin” .

As you know, I take 95% of my pictures for Instagram outside, be it at the beach, by the pool or wherever, and I always spend longer with the photos and with my head in the sun. I don’t want to count how many times I’ve burned my face. This spray has a sun protection factor of 30 and can be used as a make-up fixer. Since I’ve had it, I’ve always had it in my handbag when I’m shooting and I can’t imagine life without it. I use it immediately after the make-up as a fixer and during the shoot as a refreshment and to refresh the sun protection.

I find the product series from Bioderma ingenious and there is something for every skin and every need. On the website you will find a detailed overview of all care series and products, it’s worth stopping by!

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