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My experiences with HelloBody products

My experience with HelloBody

My experiences with HelloBody products

Recently I was allowed to test some products from HelloBody . Since I was so positively surprised, I don’t want to withhold my experiences with HelloBody products from you. Here we go!

HelloBody develops and produces its products in Berlin. All products contain only natural ingredients, are mostly vegan and what I personally like best is that the products are not tested on animals!

My experiences with HelloBody products that I was allowed to test:

  • HelloBody Coco Clear Detox Mask : The mask contains healing moor, is intended to bind pollutants and transport toxins to the outside. The mask smells deliciously of coconut and is easy to spread on the skin. In addition, it is very productive. It doesn’t crumble and my skin doesn’t itch during or after use. Unfortunately, I tend to perioal dermatitis and only tolerate a few cosmetics, so I was all the happier not having had any problems with my skin during and after use. Instead, my skin felt cleansed and fresh.
  • Coco Cream Body Butter : The body butter is said to contain the miracle cure Cupuaçu from Brazil, as well as antioxidants. I haven’t used such a rich cream in a long time. Especially here in Mexico there isn’t much choice and what is sold here is frankly rubbish. I’ve tried many creams that only made the skin greasy and didn’t sink in. Nevertheless, the nurturing effect remained. This body butter smells of coconut and absorbs directly. The skin immediately feels soft and cared for afterwards.
  • Coco Slim Body Oil : The 100% natural coconut oil is said to tighten the skin and prevent cellulite. It is said to be so effective that it can help against stretch marks. This oil too, what a surprise, smells of coconut. Despite its consistency, the oil is quickly absorbed by the skin and the skin feels soft and supple. I can only tell you in a few weeks whether it will actually tighten the skin.
  • Coco Glow Coffee and Coconut Body Scrub: The body scrub contains a mix of coffee, coconut oil, salts and oils. This is intended to achieve a thorough peeling effect and moisturize the skin. I find the packaging a bit unwieldy, but the smell of the scrub is amazing! It smells like a mix of coffee and coconut. The scrub is ready to use and can be applied to the skin immediately. Since I can’t sit still for long, I spent the time it took effect tidying up a few things and doing the dishes. To my delight, the peeling didn’t crumble all over the apartment, but stayed on the body. After washing it off my skin felt clean and nourished. The water rolled off a little, I think that’s because of the oils it contains.
  • Coco Rich Lip Balm: Designed to repair dry skin and provide a silky feel. This product also smells deliciously of coconut and you can really feel a silky film on your lips. Despite drinking it several times, the product stayed on my lips for a surprisingly long time. I will apply it in the future before going to bed, because this lip care is really very rich.

I have to admit that I immediately became a fan of these products and will buy them again. I love the smell of coconut and the caring effect of natural ingredients convinced me. I have very sensitive skin and because I spend a lot of time in the sun because I live in Cancun , I spent a long time looking for a suitable care product.

If you now feel like trying out the products, you can use my code ” miamiwi ” to save 20% on the entire HelloBody range!

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