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MAHI leather bags, travel bags, backpacks & accessories

MAHI leather

MAHI leather bags, travel bags, backpacks & accessories

Do you already know MAHI leather bags, travel bags, backpacks & accessories?

MAHI sent me a beautiful leather bag, or I was allowed to choose a handbag in the online store. Since you absolutely can’t go wrong with a saddle bag, I chose this bag in cognac .

The bag was sent with an Express World service and got to me within a few days. Since I unfortunately have to wait weeks and sometimes months for packages from abroad, I mention this right at the beginning. Sometimes I really have the feeling that I don’t live in Mexico , but on the moon. In the meantime, I personally only order from abroad if an express service or a similar service is offered.

What can I tell you about the bag?

What I like best is the great quality and workmanship. The outside of the bag is made of 100% full grain leather and is robust and hard-wearing. The inner lining of the handbag is made of 100% cotton. The straps on my bag can be adjusted so I can carry the bag higher or lower.

You also have the option of having your bag personalized with your initials, for example. This is possible in different colors that match the bag. I had my saddle bag personalized with my initials and chose a subtle shade of brown for it.

If my post made you curious, take a look at the online store . From backpacks to travel bags to interior design, you will find everything there.

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