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Experiences ANOTHER ME – favorite pieces instead of mass-produced goods

Experiences ANOTHER ME

Experiences ANOTHER ME – favorite pieces instead of mass-produced goods

At the weekend I received a package from Germany from ANOTHER ME . The package was packed just as lovingly as the online store is opened, including a personal thank you card and care instructions.

Curious as I am, I opened it straight away and found a really great handbag and a very high-quality cloth.

What is behind ANOTHER ME ? ANOTHER ME is a company from Germany that specializes in designing long-lasting favorites instead of mass-produced goods. The shoppers, clutches, rucksacks, cases, purses and cosmetic bags are made of light, soft genuine leather and are available in light colors such as mouse grey, cameo rose, porcelain rose or rock grey. All colors are very bright and unobtrusive. They look elegant and can be perfectly combined.

The towels are also very high quality

currently available in pink and grey.

I got the ” Why not ” cloth in pink. It consists of 90% cotton and 10% cashmere. A really great quality as you can certainly guess directly and cuddly soft. It has the dimensions 100 cm x 200 cm and can not only be worn as a scarf, but also as a pareo, as I will do, since I live right on the beach .

However, since this shawl goes perfectly with my wardrobe and I have been looking for a shawl in such a beautiful pink tone for a long time without success, it will also accompany me on my trips to Germany or to Mexico City when we visit my friend’s parents.

Next to the cloth I found the ” Life is simple” handbag in “mouse grey”. The bag offers so much space and yet with the dimensions 28 x 28 x 14 cm it is anything but big and clumsy. The design is gorgeous and that soft gray hue goes with everything.

It can be worn either on the arm or with the belt as a

to be worn as a cross body bag. The inner lining is made of pure organic cotton and has not been fixed to the floor so that you can easily shake out small crumbs. The leather-lined inner pocket offers space for a mobile phone. In addition, the bag has a small zip compartment for important things, such as the front door key or the like.

The handbag is made of genuine aniline leather and is handmade. What I personally think is great, since I’m a clumsy to the power of three and have a bad habit of tipping over and dropping things, that the handbag is washable at 30 degrees. So you, and especially me, really enjoy the bag for a long time.

My impression of ANOTHER ME is super positive. I didn’t know the company before, but the products, the design, the motto “quality instead of quantity” and the attention to detail convinced me!

I can highly recommend you to visit the online store and see the products for yourself!

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