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Coba Ruins & Cenotes Multum Ha, Tankach-Ha & Choo-Ha

Coba ruins

Coba Ruins & Cenotes Multum Ha, Tankach-Ha & Choo-Ha

In March we finally made it to the Cobá ruins after a long time and then went to Cenote Choo-Ha .

We drove from Cancun to Cobá. The route really stretches into the immeasurable and after a good two and a half hours we have arrived in Cobá.

Entry is 70 pesos per person and hours are 8am-5pm.

We didn’t book or need a guided tour because we just wanted to take a look at the ruins in peace.

The ruins consist of 5 groups of buildings and a very high temple pyramid. It is really impressive how well preserved this Mayan ruin is. The highlight of these ruins is of course the temple pyramid with a height of 42 m and 120 steep steps.

It is allowed to climb up the pyramid.

The steps are very steep and some are so worn that you really have to be very careful. You are only “secured” by a rope, which is attached to the center of the pyramid. I really enjoyed using this rope, especially when climbing down. Personally, I found climbing down much worse than climbing up. Like all tourists, I crawled back down half seated.

Once at the top, you can first enjoy the impressive view and visit the Mayan ritual room. Nevertheless, I was really happy when I arrived safely back down. This pyramid is also the only pyramid that can still be climbed today. That’s why I really wanted to come here.

You should take something to drink with you

since there are not many opportunities to buy anything. The site is also quite extensive. If you like, you can jump on a “bicycle taxi” and be chauffeured comfortably from A to B. We just walked.

Then we went to Cenote Choo-Ha . The cenote is open between 9 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.

I don’t remember the entrance fee, but it wasn’t worth mentioning. I think it was 60 pesos per person or so. Located underground you will find crystal clear water and a diving platform. The cenote has a depth of 12 meters and is equipped with toilets and showers. Parking facilities are also available.

This was a beautiful and large cenote that I can recommend to you. In the immediate vicinity you will also find the cenotes Multum Ha and Tankach-Ha . All three cenotes are beautiful and offer a great way to cool down after visiting the ruins, as it is about a 40-minute drive to Tulum.

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