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Shopping and malls in Cancún

Shopping and malls in Cancún

Shopping and malls in Cancún

How varied can fashion be here if you live in “never ending summer”?

I love fashion and especially summer clothes. However, I have found for myself that I lack variety. I miss my winter clothes. In Cancun, my wardrobe is limited to shorts with shirts and flip flops, 365 days a year.

Even the shopping itself is clearly not an experience here. There are a few shopping centers and also an outlet center. However, both are definitely not comparable to a shopping spree in the USA. Here is an overview of the shopping centers that we have in Cancun:

  • Puerto Cancun Marina Town Center , Boulevard Kukulcan km 1, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, QR The Puerto Cancun Marina Town Center is the newest and, in my opinion, the most beautiful shopping center in Cancun. My personal highlight is the promenade with its view of the sea
  • Plaza La Isla Cancun , Boulevard Kukulcan km 12.5 Lt 18-10, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, QR The Plaza La Isla is probably the most touristy shopping center in Cancun. Really nice and it offers a large selection of shops, but you are asked about any tours about every 5 meters. The promenade for eating and drinking is really nice and worth a visit!
  • Kukulcan Plaza , Boulevard Kukulcan KM 13, LOCAL 410 y 411A, Benito Juárez, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, QR, in my opinion it’s only worth a visit if you want to visit Forever 21 or ” Luxury Avenue ” or if it’s raining. The Kukulcan Plaza is a closed shopping center
  • Plaza las Americas Cancun, Av. Tulum 260 77500 Cancún, is the shopping center I live above, offers a cinema, a gym, various shops such as Zara, Bershka, Pull & Bear, a supermarket, etc. This shopping center is intended more for the locals. It’s a normal shopping center with a fast food area and if it rains you can definitely do that, but it’s really not a hit
  • Las Plazas Outlet Cancun , Avenida Andrés Quintana Roo, 39, 77500 Cancún, QR, This shopping center consists of about 20 shops with clothes that nobody wants anymore. That sounds very harsh, but I don’t like this shopping center at all and I’ve never bought anything there. The things are a bit cheaper, but not at all to my taste. You can also forget about eating and drinking there

The prices here in the shops are not particularly cheap, but normal as you know them from Germany. There’s just a lot less choice of everything.

Once a year here in Mexico there is something called Black Friday, the “Buen Fin” which is an entire weekend and always takes place in November. All stores offer discounts and promotions throughout the country. The “Buen Fin” is a great thing, especially for me as a Zara lover. It always takes place around November 16th.

Still, even the locals prefer shopping trips to the US the rest of the year. Decorative items for the home are also available here. That’s why I always bring everything that isn’t “riveted and nailed down” from Germany or have things sent to my friends just before they come to visit me so that they can bring me the things. Necessity is the mother of invention.

I am very happy that some stores offer worldwide delivery and ship as far away as Mexico.

You can find an overview of my sweethearts and favorite online stores here .

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