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Emigrating from Germany sounds easy, is it?

emigrate from Germany

Emigrating from Germany sounds easy, is it?

No, definitely no! Probably the easiest part of the whole procedure for me was parting with my material things like my furniture, my car and my apartment. I sold everything in less than a month. Luckily I found a way to do my job online, so I’m not tied to Germany or any place and that’s how I was able to establish a financial basis for my project in the first place.

The emotional part, on the other hand, the separation from family and friends, that was and is the bitter part of the story. Because leaving Germany and following my dreams and desires all alone over 8000 km was probably the most selfish thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. And as you can already hear, this separation from loved ones will always be the most difficult thing.

That’s why I’m really happy that we live in such a modern way and that the daily contact with Germany hasn’t changed much for me. Of course, you can’t see live every week anymore, but thanks to Skype and WhatsApp I have the opportunity to communicate at any time.

However, how do you teach your family that

do you wish to live abroad? It was so difficult for me to teach them the whole thing gently that I just fell in with the door and didn’t leave any room for discussion. Really not pretty, but I’m more of a “short and painless” type of knit.

The last few weeks in Germany and the first few months in Mexico were emotionally very difficult for me and without a very special person at my side I certainly wouldn’t have been able to get through it all. Sure, what am I complaining about, if I live by my motto “Live your Dreams”, as I claim, one or the other may ask, but I was completely “off the track”, even though I really wanted the whole thing. Feelings of guilt towards my loved ones and longing for them gnawed and still gnaw at me daily.

However, I was and still am very lucky

having a unique person by my side who has always been there for me and is still there for me today. He has always supported me in my projects and in this case he put his well-being before mine when he helped me follow my dreams to Cancun, 8,437 km away. Each of you can probably imagine how grateful I am to him and the fact that I have had him in my life for 11 years now. It’s damn important to have someone like that by your side who supports every project, no matter how crazy it may be, unconditionally and always has an open ear.

In the meantime, I fly to Germany every 6 months and the “longing for loved ones” is therefore more or less “limited”.

The reason why I am telling you all this is that I not only see the difficulties in the financial situation, which of course must be clarified beforehand, but that the emotional part in particular should not be ignored. I would certainly have broken off my mission “Live your dreams” after less than 3 months if it hadn’t been for this strong hold and support.

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